Friday, January 4, 2008

Congratulations Green and Barack Obama!

Yes, with a stunning 38% of the vote, the color green was your clear choice as favorite color over the last 4 months. Ironically this was the exact same percentage that Barack Obama had last night in Iowa - winning the first official voting in the race for the presidency.

In Swahili, 'Baraka' means 'blessed', and I'm sure Obama is feeling very blessed today.

Here's David Brooks' take on what happened last night.

In related news, take a second to vote in our new poll, about where you want 1000strings to go from here.


d said...

Congratulations Obama!!!

Janet said...

I'm the "something else" vote!
Do a combination of all of it.
It's all very important to you and any given day, God will motivate you to "say" what is important in that time.
As you said Meg, I too, will continue to pray for guidance were you both can "make the most difference" with your God given talents.