Monday, December 3, 2007

So apparently I'm dating Jesus

Greetings from Darjeeling! We've had some really incredible (mostly unexpectedly incredible) experiences the past few days since we left Calcutta. Among them, some highlights:
*Seeing an incredible all-faiths-united temple (i.e. pictures of Jesus & Buddha right next to each other) on our way to Cherapunjee.
*Seeing the most beautiful waterfall ever on our tour to Cherapunjee.
*Going on a 10-mile hike (yes, I'm still sore!) to the rubber tree root bridges, and swimming in a waterfall stream...once in a lifetime kinda thing (those seem to be common these days, huh? :)).
*Meeting an incredible woman from Holland who's been living here for 9 years, and sharing a 3-hr. car ride with her. Very inspiring in terms of living in the present!
*Arriving in Darjeeling today (no good mountain views yet...hopefully with the sunrise tom. AM!)...we've already had 3 cups of tea :)!!! Sidenote, it's so interesting...people in the Northeast look MUCH more Asian than other parts...we've several times asked, "so, are we in China??"
Hope all is well in YOUR worlds. Remember that when your sun is rising, ours is setting...we're still connected! We cannot wait to hear your voices in just less than 2 weeks!!
ps...for those curious ones out there, you may have noticed Eric's "EPIC" beard. Lots of people (meaning 3) in Africa did too...and let him know that he looks like Jesus, or in one case, his brother. No one in India has shared their beard thoughts with us yet, but we'll let you know if so.


Les said...

So good to hear from you, wish we could be with you experiencing those once in a life time moments! Please be safe and hurry home. We love you!

Jennifer said...

I'd say looking like Jesus isn't a bad compliment...but dang..that beard is crazy! haha! Can't wait to see you guys! :-)