Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Prayer

I feel blessed. Very blessed, by the green grass, by the soft rain drops, by the dirt road, by the mothers and their babies, by the endless fields of bananas, by the fog, by the earth itself. And those songs - hearing the women, children, aand men singing - singing loudly, with their hearts. The drum beats, the clapping, the harmonization, the joy of forgetting what's outside and being thankful for now. The smiles of belonging to a community. In one glance, seeing children, innocent, blue clouds and green banana trees outside, the red dirt road - sticky with lifegiving rains. And us here, not you and me, but us, on simple wooden benches in this simple building giving thanks for life.


Les said...

And thanks for You!

Jennifer said...

I love it. As always, very powerful. You have such a big heart.
Love you, brother!

Janet said...

AMEN...God is good!
sending a hug, and sharing in your blessings!
I love you..mom

d said...

Wow..you make me remember what life is supposed to be about, as I am in between work and two papers, I have forgotten because I have been rushing through life these past few months. THANKS!!!!