Monday, October 15, 2007

Lots to talk about!

Ok, there are a lot of things going on 'round here and around the world, so why don't I just jump right in... get ready!

First and most importantly, sports. What did I tell you about those Rockies?? They're now at a 3-0 lead in the NLCS with no signs of slowing down. In a game displaying all the fine aspects of fall weather in Colorado (39 with fog and light drizzle), the Rocks showed again that winning 20 of your last 21 games should not be just considered "lucky" as perhaps the Diamondbacks and the rest of the known world might want to believe. They'll try to clinch their first ever trip to the World Series tonight. (5am tomorrow Uganda time... Damn that time zone difference!) Interestingly the note at the bottom of the AP article links their current run to a team even closer to my heart:

Before the Rockies, the last team to put together a 19-1 run was the 1977 Kansas City Royals, and Colorado Manger Clint Hurdle made his major league debut for the Royals during that stretch.

Next, college football. Yesterday was the release of the first BCS poll of the season, and LSU (#4) and undefeated KU (#13) are right in the thick of things. K-State actually is also in this week's AP poll at #25 for the first time this season, after beating Colorado on Saturday (and Texas AT AUSTIN earlier this year!)... and LSU is the top-ranked of all the teams that have suffered recent upsets (including USC, Oklahoma, and California). Looks like there might be quite a mix of traditional and non-traditional teams in BCS bowls this year (South Florida and Kentucky anyone?)!

Third, our garden. We ventured yesterday into the world of transplanting - and successfully moved about 10 cucumber plants from an overpopulated hill to 2 hills where nothing has sprouted yet. With the help of our neighbor, Esther, we also were able to delineate where exactly our rows were (some heavy rains last weekend while we were away washed a lot of the topsoil out of our plot) - and noticed that every single type of vegetable we planted has now sprouted at least 1 or 2 plants. Here are a couple recent pictures:

Some cucumber plants:

Our nursery seed bed (with a little help restructuring by Esther):

Last (as a bonus) - Meg's new Uganda cellphone! (p.s. don't you think the picture in the lower right looks quite a bit like Mr. Jack McNulty??)

The new phone... Jack, is that you??

And of course, a cute photo of Meg...


Jennifer said...

I knew you would be excited about the Rockies! We'll watch the game for you from the comfort of our living room tonight!! :-)

Les said...

One correction, K-State was ranked #25 when they played KU 2 weeks ago!

The Rockies will make it happen I think!

Janet said...

hey..did I miss the photos, or what? guess what, the Saints won again last night,Meg!!! yeah!!!
It's fall time, leaves turning, baseball finals and lots of football..wish you where here:)

Jennifer said...

there are no!

Jennifer said...

the phone looks nicer than meg's big red! :-) j/k meg!!