Monday, September 10, 2007

our first weekend in ruhiira

we settled into our house in the village this weekend, and our biggest problem so far is that we're a little bored! having no electricity has proved a little more challenging that our simplicity-minded egos would have led us to believe. glad we packed a few books and some cards! The rains are underway (some great lightning and wind storms!), Ruhiira is beautiful, and we're already working hard - Megan has met with a women's group already (27 young/middle aged women, dressed traditionally, meeting under a tree!) and is meeting with another today, and i've had a tour of a few more tree nurseries (the project goal is to plant 1 million trees in the village by the end of the year!) and had some discussions about designing an experiment to measure rainfall runoff from a variety of different agricultural zones (pasture, forest, bananas, maize) in the nearly completely deforested surrounding hillsides. it has been quite a exciting/challenging/stressful/lifegiving feeling just to be here so far.

sorry, i forgot my camera this morning... more pictures next week!


Andrew said...

Eric! Megan! I just got the blog link from Caitlin. Everything looks amazing! I'm really jealous of both of you, but in a good way.

I hope you like Matoke, because you better!

Les said...

It will take some time to learn and live the life of Ruhiir and surrounding local. By sharing with all of us, we too can live it a little. Thanks!