Monday, August 20, 2007

WE'RE IN AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT????!!!! How does that work????! We landed in Nairobi about 45 minutes's beautiful; haven't left the airport yet though. ;)


Janet said... prayers have been answered for your safe travel TO Africa.
keep in touch..sending a

Les said...

That's Great! Hope you both made it through the ups and downs of the long trip! Let us know when you get the real picture!

We love you guys!


Anonymous said...

WAHOO!!!, What's for lunch in Nairobi?Love you both, stay safe. Lucy & Dezi

Jennifer said...

awesome! a great adventure is about to begin :) love you!

SMF said...

That's amazing! I'll keep you in my prayers.

I made it to Montana! The school is great and so are my community members


milkah said...

Hope you're talking to my mama!

Enjoy the country.