Monday, July 9, 2007

Yesterday, around the world...Live Earth!

Although, yes, we DID have floor seats for Live Earth:NY (read... Live Earth: suburban New Jersey sprawl), we graciously chose to give them up to some fellow climate-and-societians to defray part of the $175/ea ticket cost. Where I really would have liked to been was Wembley Stadium in London. That show rocked the house, in every sense of the word. Madonna, RHCP, Beastie Boys, and Spinal Tap... all on the same stage? You gotta be kiddin' me. Madonna was simply inspirational... and I especially enjoyed her new song "Hey, You", written especially for the day (..."if you love someone can change someone else...but you must first love yourself")

(<-- Madonna in London)

I ended up watching most of the London show at Lincoln Center, which was streaming a Canadian Network (CTV?) on one of their huge theater screens with digital surround sound audio (decidedly not too climate friendly, but at least they did have the lights inside turned down).

Overall, I think the day had somewhat mixed reviews... (in the words of Chris Rock, "It's my hope that this day solves the problem of global warming just like Live Aid solved the problem of global hunger"), but you know, at least it put climate change in the headlines for a few days. Maybe it even helped inspire some normally not so climate/environment friendly people in the music industry to think twice about things. And, my friend working the NY show got to meet Jane Goodall, so what's not to like about that.

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