Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Four months ago today...

I asked Megan to marry me, on the beach in Montauk NY... probably by far the most memorable day of my life so far. It happened the moment before this photo was taken. We rode our bikes out to the lighthouse at the end of the road (it was a little chilly and overcast all morning) and then went for a walk along the rocky beach, holding each other's mitten-ed hands. I was pretty nervous (and Meg wasn't - obviously). After I asked her, the butterflies just kept increasing when she didn't even believe me at first! And then we were hugging and dancing on the beach, and the sun came out!! It was a perfect day.

Now, we've entered the tumultuous, hopeful, stressful, life-giving, exciting time of planning our wedding together. Since my family is in Kansas, and Meg's is in Louisiana, but we've spent our entire relationship together in New York, we were at a bit of a dilemma on deciding where we should have the big day. So much has happened here, but we can't bear the thought of not having as much family participate in such a happy day as possible. So, things became a bit more definite when we learned very recently that our parish priest here (Fr. Duffell at Ascension Parish, who we value as a big part of our faith formation together) would be able to travel with us. So, right now, we're thinking May 24th, 2008 in New Orleans... which we're very excited about. Much more (I promise) about this day coming soon!

For now, we're just enjoying each other, and our time together, and preparing for first big adventure together... living in Uganda this fall!

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